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George Hirsch Good Stuff

George Hirsch Good Stuff


All natural, serious ketchup. Sir Kensington promises a proper gourmet condiment experience. sirkensingtons.com

Latte Bowls

Classic European shape; ideal size for Café au lait, icecream or oatmeal. anthopologie.com


Original style canning jars, ideal for sun-made iced tea or BBQ sauce. Made in Germany. kaufmann-mercantile.com

Di Bruno Bros.

Balsamic Vinegar - no two vinegars are created alike. The Di Bruno's Italian heritage is barrel aged for twelve years and then drizzled to accompany culinary delight. dibruno.com


Not the ordinary all natural chewing gum. This happens to be English proper as well as minty good. "Etiquette experts say that chewing in public is acceptable behavior, as long as it’s not done with too much gusto." Made in England. ebuygum.peppersmith.co.uk

Pecou Almond Dragees

Sugar coated almonds made for celebrating all the way from France. deandeluca.com

Pugg Clock

Wasn’t sure They still made analog clocks. Old school, classic quartz movement. Good in every kitchen. ikea.com

WWII Poster

Reproduction with words of wisdom ‘bout food. Still a timeless message. etsy.com

Soda Siphon

Carbonated water + spritzer maker, yet stylishly safe technology. Made in Austria. deandeluca.com

Vintage Metal Letter

Repurpose decorative letters from old retail signs. Give me a G. etsy.com

Gold Bunny

This is regarded as the most sought after chocolate bunny at Easter. Fifty years of tradition. Milk, white or dark chocolate. lindtusa.com


George Hirsch Good Stuff

Rosa Mexicano

All natural hand-cut corn tortilla chips fried to perfection. Stone-ground whole yellow corn made in sunflower oil with trace of lime. rosamexicano.info

Laptop Sleve

Constructed on extra thick durable wet suit grade neoprene with supper cushion to stow and travel with your lap top.thedailyplanner.com

Southampton Ales & Lagers

Get hoppy! with this authentic English-style amber ale from our award winning brewery friends at Southampton Ales & Lagers. publick.com

Wholly Salsa

NO Preservatives and  holy great store-bought salsa product. whollysalsa.com

Ground Cumin 

Cumin seed gives a distinctive warm taste to Indian and Mexican cuisine. worldpantry.com

Groundhog Day, The Movie 

Who doesn’t like silly, LOL and Bill Murray? amazon.com

Packable Panama Hat

Try and crush it. It’s uncrushable. Comfy and a handsomely flattering classic.travelsmith.com

Maximize Space

Perfect suitcase solution for a happy traveler. travelsmith.com

KitchenAid Proline Waffle Maker

For those serious about picture perfect waffles. (As seen on George Hirsch Living It UP!) katom.com

Brita Vintage 

Taste the fresh spring water bouquet with no after taste from this pitcher/ water filter combo. Use the tap, save a few cents and be a bit green costco.com

WD Portable Hard Drive 

To pack up your office files and take them home, carry thousands of songs or pictures.costco.com

Smith's Rosebud Salve 

Since 1895, this world-famous salve is still a family favorite to aid in the relief of chapped and dry skin, blemishes, diaper rash, and detergent burns. smithsrosebudsalve.net

Chai Tea Sampler 

Authentic and Individually sealed in foil bags to ensure freshness and quality. Each sample can make 3-5 cups of tea. teazonline.com

Irish Oatmeal

Use only the best. foodireland.com


George Hirsch Good Stuff

The Single Bike Hook

Think minimal. No more clunky oversized contraptions. This is all you need. The Leonardo. theartofstorage.com 

The Paper Straw

Made the way they used to, eco-friendly. kikkerlandshop.com


The most basic. That’s really all you need to open any bottle. The Groogy. ikea.com

Trash Bin 

Let’s talk trash, classic style. This can has an 11 gallon capacity, which fits a 13 gallon bag- no slipping. Kids can do their chores efficiently. The Knodd Bin & Lid. ikea.com

Get Hooked 

Sleek and well designed muti-purpose hook. Looks European. No more hunchback-bump; product designed with ergonomic shaping sensitive to most fabrics’ persona. The Bach. theartofstorage.com


No guilt with truly all-natural sorbet. sharons-sorbet.com

Taste Test Winner?

Ketchup is a serious topic. You be the judge. muirglen.com

Pair Cheese

Looking for the perfect marriage? How about a summer cheese that pairs well with lemonade, lagers and white wine. Available by the crate; 6”x6”. Made in Vermont. butterandcheese.net

Original Soda

Kick the carting of cases by making sparkling water at home. It takes seconds. The Penguin. chefscatalog.com 

Keeping it on the Level

Stop eye-balling-it and saying your good-at-it. Essential tool if you are hanging solo. levelbest2.com

Charcoal For Men

Lit by a woman. This is the real deal. No coal, fillers or chemicals. For a quicker and hotter fire compared to briquets. cowboycharcoal.com

Cup of Home

Want to have your own cup? You can go private label; Tom’s Coffee, Mom’s Blend or Bob’s Brew. paperhouseonline.com


George Hirsch Good Stuff

Black Iron Scissors

Ideal for clipping herbs or flower stems. These beautiful handmade traditional Japanese shears are precise enough for your bonsai. pearlriver.com

VillaWare Pasta Machine

Hand made with a little help from the V150 Imperia. Linguini, ravioli, lasagna, no problem. This is serious, not meant for play dough. amazon.com

Kodak  Dual-Lens EASYSHARE V610 Camera

The World's Smallest 10X Optical Zoom Digital Camera; Innovative Dual-Lens EASYSHARE V610 Camera is only 0.9 Inches Thick! Takes incredible photos. kodak.com

Staple Free Stapler

Look Ma no staples. NO refills needed. This cleaver contraption pierces and folds your important papers into a organized but fastened headlock. cb2.com

Stainless Steel Lunch Box 

This take-me-back-in-time stackable lunch box is perfect for a picnic or day trip in the car. The three separate trays are held securely together for individual portions and it is easy to clean. pearlriver.com

Italian Biscotti 

The most dunkable duo-package of Biscotti. No need to choose, with the combo of pistachio & chocolate. deandeluca.com

People Push Pins

Great gift for the person who has everything. Looks like they are doing jumping jacks. They will perk up any office. cb2.com

Colorful Trays

Lacquered serving tray. Perfect for serving iced tea or used as a coffee table catch all. pearlriver.com

Glass Refrigerator Pitchers

Like the Glass, has the advantage of not absorbing odors  and keep beverages cooler longer. Grip handles and the smaller version will fit perfectly on the refrigerator door. containerstore.com

64” Umbrella

This super sized yellow canopy will cover you in the midst of a down pour. You will be also easy to spot, if your wife is looking for you. umbrellas.com

Hunter Wellington

The classic knee high boot made for stomping in big puddles that also happen to be great for gardening and wading for the school bus. hunter-boots.com

Maple-Cured Berkshire Ham

Pasture raised by Heritage Farms, this melt in your mouth ham is cured in maple syrup and lovely brown sugar. Simply scrumptious. deandeluca.com


George Hirsch Good Stuff

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A classic tale of pursing your dreams, even more important today than when first published in 1993. It’s an easy read and you’ll be taken on an adventure as Santiago travels from the comfort of his home in Spain to follow his dream. Amazon.com

The Bialetti Espresso Maker, the stovetop classic. I have had the same one for thirty years. Bialettishop.com

Flexible Flyer® Sled 

Remember those days? Defining winter fun since 1889, this is the sled that generations have come to revere as a classic. Fun for ages 8 and above. LLBean.com

The Nimbus Extra-soft Toothbrush, with micro-fine bristles for gentle but thorough brushing brilliantly designed by a periodontist. Eastearthtrade.com

Kirkland Signature Columbian Supremo (Item # 120296) whole beans, vacuum packed, ready to grind for a fresh brew. Costco.com

Diner Mug. Come in out in the cold and sit down with a warm cup of hot chocolate from George’s signature diner mug. These diner mugs are the classic shape and weight of the old fashioned ones, holding the heat, making every cup of coffee and hot chocolate taste so much better! Georgehirschlifestyle.com

Loccitane 100% natural Shea Butter hand cream soothes winter’s tole on hardworking hands with a subtle  fragrance and balmy texture. Loccitane.com

San Marzano Tomatoes. Straight from Southern Italy, San Marzano Tomatoes, avail whole and crushed. George’s canned tomato of choice. Cybercucina.com

This classic down vest is comfortable for day to day use. It is light weight, comes in an array of colors for everyone’s taste in the entire family. It is also perfect space saving item for traveling as it fits into a Zip-Lock bag. Landsend.com

Lexmark Laser Printer: E238 prints fast and high quality resolution pages and is very reliable. Lexmark.com

The One Touch Can Opener is hands free and makes a safe opened edge. One of the best kitchen gadgets to have handy. Walmart.com

Moleskines, these pocket size notebooks used by artists and thinkers for the past 200 years, from Van Gosh to Ernest Hemingway. Moleskines.com

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