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Yefim Bronfman at Steinway & Sons

Grammy Award Winning Yefim Bronfman

Are you thinking about trying something new this year? How about taking up a sport, painting or learning to play an instrument. There's one thing that most creative artists have in common, passion for their craft. Join me with grammy award winning Yefim Bronfman as he sheds some light for us on what it takes to play like him.


George Hirsch’s Top 10 Lifestyle & Food Trends for 2010

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True Holiday Spirit

Ready. Set. Go! Just in case you didn’t know it by now- the holidays are upon us. Could it be the subtle hints dropped upon us; the silver Christmas trees at Costco on display in early September, or the mountain of candy cane end caps my local market? Maybe, it's the non-stop Christmas music playing this past weekend on my local radio station? 

Each year the commercial "holiday spirit" begins earlier and earlier, so-much-so that we are nearly holiday numb by December 25th. So I encourage you to search your own hearts and ask yourselves a few questions and make this holiday unique for you and your family. What does it mean to you? Do you want it to be different this year? What would you want it to be like? 

I was interviewed last year by Nina Metz, from the Chicago Tribune, to tell her about my meaningful holiday traditions, and it seems even more fitting for this year!

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