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Sagaponack Winery

Close to my home and located right in the heart of farm country at the Hampton's East End - which was once mostly miles of potato fields, now inhabits more than fifty acres of grapevines at Wölffer Estate Vineyard. The loamy soil coupled with the Atlantic Ocean air were ideal conditions for the grapevines, planted some twenty-five years ago. 

In keeping with European traditions, including the dedication to winemaking; Wölffer's stately Tuscan style villa was built in Old World traditions overlooking the acres of vines.

Come with me as we meet up with my friends; wine writer & enthusiast Michael Braverman, and Wölffer Estate Winemaker Roman Roth for a fun and informative segment from my TV show, George Hirsch Living it UP!

It's going to be another great summer in the Hamptons! Cheers..

George Hirsch Living it up! TV segment: Wölffer Estate Vineyard


Discover Ireland

Thanks for all your kind words about this weeks TV episode - in Ireland and thank you for tuning in. I enjoyed taping there immensely; as you can see and have made many friends, who welcome our return. 

I want you to know the food we had was incredible, so much more than just fish and chips or shepard's pie. Although I had traditional fish & chips in Galway worth touting about; Mc Donagh's 22 Quay Street, Galway Ireland; Video Segment.

There was one destination in particular that was pleasing to my palate and pulled at my heart strings, Ballymaloe in Shanagarry, Co. Cork. Sustainability isn't a marketing initiative there, it truly is a way of life. I had the pleasure of staying in their well appointed country estate accommodations and interviewing the Allen Family matriarch Myrtle, for the show. She told me how the farm, restaurant, hotel and school all began. It's a wonderful story, see on an upcoming episode.

View of Park Hotel Kenmare

Did you know Ireland is also known for its spa destinations? Next weeks TV episode features Kenmare and Park Hotel. The Brennan brothers have established a state of the art, critically acclaimed five star luxury hotel, housing the incredible Samas Spa. You can quote me on this "destination best massage ever", right in the heart of quaint Kenmare, County Kerry.

One thing I learned real fast is - there is something in Ireland for people of all ages. Music, golf, spa, food, history, art, poetry, fishing, horseback, hiking, falconry, Guinness and castles. Who doesn't like a good pint in a castle? Especially Ashford Castle, Cong, County Mayo.

Did you know that - much of the music we listen to today is based upon Irish folk music and that Ireland is the only country in the world to have an instrument as their symbol?

Many of the hotels and restaurants have live music as everyday entertainment; one of many things to look forward to when in Ireland. In Ireland, the door is always open and so our Ireland story is always to be continued... 

Again thanks for tuning in to George Hirsch Living it UP! each week.

falconry at Ashford Castle

George Hirsch TV Series: Galway


Target Golf

I have friends that golf in the snow, but I prefer to follow the sun and tee-off where the green is still green. On a trip out west I caught up with Jerramy Hainline, Corporate Director, Hilton Golf Academy and we played a round of target golf in the middle of the Arizona desert. Here's the TV segment from Living it UP!

I even learned a few really good tips, like - keep one eye on the ball and the other on the rattlesnakes. Very good tip when in the desert.

George Hirsch Living it UP! TV series: Golf Segment