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Spaghetti Expected to Reach $10 a Pound as new Technology Turns Pasta into Fuel

We have all been plagued with an increase in fuel prices at the pumps. This has led to an increase in everything from eggs to corn. Corn has many by products for fuel and related items. We are seeing across the board a rise in all grocery foods. A new technology breakthrough released today has come up with a way to turn pasta in fuel. This is sure to drive up the price of pasta.

Please Note: Before you run off to the market to begin hoarding Barilla Pasta you may want to know that this news item is based on one of the greatest April fools days hoaxes of all times from the BBC.

In 1957 the British news show Panorama convinced many of its viewers that spaghetti grows on trees.

Watch: Panorama - April Fool's Day Hoax - Spaghetti Harvest

Happy April Fool’s Day!





My Seinfeld Episode in Tuscany

Having driven all through Italy on a recent trip, I generally had no problem with road signs and the long names, or streets that have no names. Having said that, on the day entering the Sienna City Center, where there are five car parks (parking garages) my funny story line began to unfold.

I chose a car park very convenient to Piazza del Campo, for our day spent walking and shopping in Sienna, the heart of Tuscany.

Known throughout the world for its flair for fashion and design, you can visit some of the most unique and memorable shops while in Siena. You can find boutiques for clothing, shoes, gourmet food products, wine, house wares, framed art, artigianal paper, bookshops, and many other specialty items. Siena is filled with one of a kind boutiques and shops at every corner, but you'll want to stroll along three main pedestrian streets for sure: Via di Citta, Banchi di Sopra and Via Dei Montanini. You'll find a gelateria, pizza shop or bar between every few shops, so you can stop for gelato in between getting pizza and shoes.

So when entering the car park, you take a ticket and then pay when you are leaving. Pretty simple. Note, take your ticket with you as you’ll need to pay first, before getting back to your car. I did the obvious, wrote down the number, name and color code of where I was. Arancione (Orange) 36.

After spending a beautiful day in Sienna, we headed back to the car park. I paid, with fifteen minutes to exit with my car after paying. Clearly enough time, after all, I did write down the spot where I parked the car. After searching for 10 minutes, we gave up and headed back to the information desk for help. Time was running out, as I would not be able to leave if the fifteen minutes expired.

Somehow, "they" seemed to have moved an entire section of cars while I was in the city.

Why be upset? We just went with the flow, laughing, why did they move my section? Did we step into Bizarro George World?

As I approached the help window in the car park, we looked up and screamed, could it be? My dear best friends happen to be walking ten steps ahead of us. They were in search of the toilet, a place I had only visited ten minutes before. You see, Jerry just 'went' in the corner of the car park.

Tony and Jean live ten minutes away from me, in the next town on the East End of Long Island. Neither of us knew we would be in that part of Italy at the same time, or where we would be. Five thousand miles and in a far off parking garage we literally bumped into one another.

It was perfect timing and I couldn' t have produced a better 'meet cute' if I tried. I still can't get over how wonderful that moment was. I am going to say it, small world.

Tony and Jean were staying at Castello di Montalto. Castelnuovo Berardenga, Tuscany in the next village only ten minutes from our home at Castelletto di Montebenichi. Later, I was able to look out over the valley and see the lights in their castle from my bedroom window. We would follow in the tradition of Tuscan royalty, had wine at their castle and breakfast in our castle.

There were so many times our 'meet cute' may have not come to be. But, fate and a higher power brought our reunion at great location. Funny, how just seconds in life can make a difference.

Have a great time, wherever your journey takes you and allow the unexpected to make magical happenings unfold for you.

Oh, about the car? Tony and Jean helped us in the search. The good people of Siena had returned it to the original location, Arancione/ 36.



Here's the cast in 'Bizarro George' episode, Jean(Elaine), George(George) and Tony(Jerry) .



Inspiration, Art and Food

In the 1900s, The East End of Long Island was a place of very simplistic lifestyle. It had strong sustainable communities consisting primarily of farming and fishing supporting its humble population; quite the opposite of the way things are today. It was a destination filled with inspiration which also drew many important artists to the beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes to paint, draw and write. For a period of about fifteen years during the turn of the century, William Merrit Chase created his works during his summers east. Here's his still life titled, STILL LIFE WITH FISH, BRASS KETTLE, LEMON AND ONION. Here's a little summer inspiration for you. The only element missing here is the fire.


image: Parish Art Museum, Southampton, New York